The art of making wine in my family goes back to the French Revolution. This history provides a canvas for me to express myself through my craft of making wine, creating a feeling of personal freedom.
The artisan winemakers of Terroirs Originels passionate about their work of creating handmade wine like art and characterized by their own hands. To become recognized as an artisan winemaker is an everyday challenge that requires sincere effort: This work demands the heart, the head, and the hands. We draw inspiration from nature and the desire for authenticity. A human history of wine in which the vines are living material that motivates the winemaker to continually improve. Discover the unique personalities of the artisan winemakers from Beaujolais and Maconnais: Jean-Michel Dupre, Robert Perroud, Laurent Gauthier, Lucien Lardy, Gerard Charvet, Pascal Aufranc, Pascal Berthier, Domaine Duperray, Domaine de la Verpaille, Emmanuel Fellot, Fabien Collonge, Franck Besson, Les Freres Perroud, Pierre Vessigaud, Yohan Lardy, Domaine Giroux, Anthony Perol, Patrick Tranchand, Pierre-Maxime et Victor-Emmanuel Chardigny.