Vineyard,..whole organic since July 2019
Lying on the west coast, at the beginning of the Corsican Cap, the Domain Orenga de Gaffory was born in 1967 on the famous Appellation Area of Patrimonio. Founded by Pierre Orenga de Gaffory, joined by his son Henri in 1977, the estate quickly became one of the references of the Patrimonio AOP. The vines are growing on predominantly clay-limestone soils. It spreads over five sites with nuanced micro-terroirs allowing, through blending, to produce complex wines regarding their structure as well as their aromas. Since July 19th 2019 the 56ha of vineyards are officiallyorganic certified. Thus, the estate is still working at preserving the biological balance and the qualities of the terroir according to the organic specifications, such as keeping biodiversity and soil integrity, controlling insects and pests, fertilizing by mineral treatments. In the cellar the winemaking process follow recommendation of organic specifications too.