Committed Winemakers
Promoting cooperative values and proud of their terroir, our founding winemakers instilled their bold spirit and sense of solidarity in Cellier des Dauphins. Loyal to these values, our winemakers are preparing for the future, striving relentlessly to raise quality, from vine to glass. The Art of Blending The wide variety of soils and terroirs within our vineyards offers our oenologists a rich palette of grapes for ‘blending’ our finest vintages. Attention to detail in every step, from harvest to vinification, yields full-bodied, fruit-flavoured reds and fresh aromatic rosés. We use modern techniques as well as time-honoured ones like barrel ageing.
Styles of Wines
Through its fine wines, Cellier des Dauphins expresses the south of France’s convivial art de vivre. Made from sun-drenched grapes, these wines are traditionally farmed, accessible, and suitable for every occasion. Their red and black fruit flavours, spiciness and hints of vanilla delight wine lovers.